I had a wonderful thanksgiving weekend with the family and adventures of traveling.

Thursday was pretty good day of watching football and making dinner.  I have to say those first two games were kind of blow-outs and lack luster to say the least.  Even worse, my packers was a pretty awful game to watch.  I can’t believe all the dropped balls and the poor plays.  But, i’m still happy that game was on thanksgiving, makes it a funner day!

We cooked a 25lb Turkey and had the typical side dishes, like stuffing, corn, mashed potatoes and gravy.  So good.  There were 2 different kinds of pie, pumpkin and apple.  We got to take a pumpkin pie home.  Now leftovers for days!

The AMA Music Awards

I need to talk about this show for a second.  I love music shows but something didn’t seem right about this show.  I think this was more like a MTV music award show than and “American music award” show.

Can you call it American?  I only say that because, whats the point when some acts weren’t American.  Call it something more like universal award show.  Maybe that’s why Hozier lost to Fall Out Boy?

To cap the evening off, Canada’s very own Justin Bieber performed.  Its funny to watch “real” musician lip sync their music, especially under the rain.  Good Job Biebs!

Diet and Exercise

Since I have been eating and drinking so cheerfully this past week, it’s time for a diet and exercise program.

I hate that thought, but you know you have to do it!  So, Im going to start by not drinking.  Good lord, help me.  I should be fine, but sometimes a beer here and there is ok, right?

Next, Exercise!  Get the heart rate up and lost some jell-o around the waste!  Hopefully, that works out.

You can do anything for 30 minutes.  Lets do this.

Have a great week, and enjoy the snowfall if you’re in an area that snows!